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I lived in Kijabe, Kenya for 3 years. At that time the AIDS pandemic was wreaking havoc on the family structure, wiping out a large percentage of adults in the 25-45 age range leaving behind a wake of young children with one or no parent. After moving back to the United States, I, along with a small group, wanted to help our Kenyan friends and others directly impacted. The challenge: how might we develop a system to manage care for this ever-increasing number of children.

The Opportunity

Create a communication strategy that connected needs to those who wanted to help. Gathering stories from the children and caregivers as well as our staff in the country allowed us to craft initiatives that address each specific need (food – a working farm, water – a play pump, education – lunch program, malaria prevention- bed nets, and so on) Connecting North Americans to the stories helped us fund these sustainable projects. 

strategic activities

Formed nonprofit organization, ongoing needs assessment, created marketing and campaigns to raise funds and awareness. 


Sustainable projects created: working farm feeding program, school feeding program, bed net program, clean water system, health clinic, and facility to for homeless, children to live and grow.

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