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I use a human-centered approach that involves user research, analysis, reframing, design thinking strategies and testing. I translate customer needs and insights into processes, systems, products, spaces, and initiatives. My process allows my clients to find their strategic sweet spot and create the best experiences, strategies, and initiatives possible for their clients, customers, students, patients, or citizens.


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My Consulting Services

Get your team moving in the right direction.

Customer Experience Audit

Need insight into what your customers desire most from you?

I provide research that reveals your true value proposition and potential challenges

Get insights into your clients or employees challenges. Find out the joys and pitfalls of your business, service, or digital tool.

Great for troubleshooting a specific problem area or gathering data to overhaul a system and process. 

  • User research
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Centric Process Design

Build Your Roadmap

Lost your way? Need to clarify priorities to fulfill your mission-critical and even restore your value proposition?

Level set on or re-establish your mission, vision, and tactics for moving your team, board, or leadership group to their desired future state.  with a solid roadmap that leverages your strengths and taps into your users’ needs.

  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Alignment
  • Developing mission critical

Strategy & Solution Design

Need a new perspective on some long-running problems.

Design, build, and test sessions for product or service design. Design products, services, and experiences to capitalize on what is most valued by your customers and get to market faster. Using human-centered design principles and design thinking strategies, I’ll connect you to customers in profound ways that create loyalty.

  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Large scale initiatives and strategy

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Schedule a 20-minute call with me to talk about the problems your organization and which one of my offerings is best for you. I’m looking forward to talking to you!