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Connecting Needs Through Micro-Movements – Project Aids Orphan


lived in Kijabe, Kenya for 3 years. At that time the AIDS pandemic was wreaking havoc on the family structure, wiping out a large percentage of adults in the 25-45 age range leaving behind a wake of young children with one or no parent. After moving back to the United States, I felt compelled to continue helping Kenyan friends and others directly impacted. The challenge was determining how to develop a system to manage care for this ever-increasing number of children.


Create a nonprofit organization that connects need to help. Compile the stories and needs of individual African children to North American people and communities that have compassion for this type of suffering. Use those connections to fund sustainable projects for those in Kenya. Triage needs and strategically bolster the community with projects that build upon one another.

My Role

Formed nonprofit organization, needs assessment, created marketing and campaigns to raise funds, web management, non profit management.


Sustainable projects created: working farm feeding program, school feeding program, bed net program, clean water system, health clinic, and facility to for homeless, family-less children to live and grow.

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