Managing Change

Creating a Cultural Shift with Design Systems


A local technology company reached out to educational leaders for help filling workforce gaps. Schools were left wondering how to respond in light of their few courses and activities that supported learning for high tech, 21st century skills.


Create a community-wide framework for collective impact that nudges youth towards tech-based careers. Engage a broad range of stakeholders from industry, to higher education, to nonprofits. Design experiences for students to engage in tech in a variety of ways and all all levels of the student journey. Integrate activities that allow them to have real, world experiences with professionals in the field.

My Role

Project lead and concept creator, data gather and analysis, user research, storytelling, onboarding of all stakeholders, journey mapping, process mapping, implementation strategy, funding strategy, and project management for execution.


Opened door for opportunities with state and local partners. Created a clear approach for onboarding all stakeholders to develop programs and services that supported the pipeline.

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