A few weeks ago, I posted the statement, “Let’s quit talking and start doing” on a social media channel. I’m not sure why. Was it just self-talk to get me out of “pandemic inertia” or the side effects of social distancing? Most likely it was a need to connect and solve a novel problem caused by a novel virus. And that, my friends, got me a little excited. In a good way. Add to that I had just read a headline that said “Bank Branches: There’s no going back to Pre-Covid Days.” If there’s no going back to the old experience, one must conclude it’s time for everyone to learn something new! Sounds like a great time for change strategy.

From that post, I found myself having invited a group of concerned citizens to explore and craft some new realities for youth in crisis during the pandemic. So yeah, it’s kind of a big, unwieldy topic. I also may not have a clear sense of how I’ll take everyone from a mindset that is probably in crisis mode itself to one of creative possibilities. Oh, and let’s add the challenge that we can’t be in the same physical space to read body language and sense tension and energy while doing something completely new. This also means everyone will need to learn how to use Zoom and Mural at the same time. These layers of complexity could stop the average mortal in their tracks, but not these folks. They said they were game and I’m taking them at their word. So much for mindset issues. I will have a video screen full of “yes, and…” people. With those ingredients we will no doubt make something new and wonderful.

Over the next few weeks pop in and join us on the journey of experimentation, failure, and at the same time, surprising success! 

Welcome to a change strategy adventure.