About Monica


As a creative strategy coach, I’m a little different. 

“She’s here because she doesn’t think like us.”  Donald Shively, Superintendent 


  • I create strategy with a user centered design approach. The allows you to directly connect the needs and desires of clients, customers, citizens and students. When you connect, you create loyalty. 
  • I empower changemakers across sectors to design and implement transformative projects that change lives, communities, organizations, and even digital products, for the better.
  • I have breadth and depth of experience. I’ve worked with Fortune companies needing to reimagine the future of their digital strategies, education systems and tech companies needing new practices and systems for the new world of work, and communities wanting to support tech-based entrepreneurial ventures. I have created multiple social impact projects as well as strategies that create broad engagement in the private sector. International projects include the creation of a humanitarian relief organization, Project Aids Orphan in Kenya, East Africa that assists AIDS Orphans with housing, healthcare, and education and micro financing and business model development for entrepreneurial women in Kenya.
  • As a change and innovation expert, I believe organizations need to create space for teams to collaborate and co-design as way to move projects  forward and align with your mission critical. 

When you need a New Perspective

Organizational change projects

Organizational or team alignment

business model design and validation

stakeholder engagement workshops

customer experience research and insights

B2C digital strategy

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