Coaching and strategic planning

Empowering Community builders

to lead with impact and vision



If you need:

  • Tools to create transformative projects in order to change lives, communities, and organizations
  • A strategy that allows you to directly connect to the needs of clients, customers, citizens, or students
  • Guidance on implementation tactics that yield results
  • Facilitation and mental space for your team to collaborate and move a project forward

I can help.

Whether you are a small-town innovator or educator building a talent pipeline, I can help. Together we will create a solution and plan for your unique challenges, using a human-centered design approach that incorporates design thinking and lean business methods. Check out the case studies and see how you can innovate and transform your community.


Help Your Community Punch Above Its Weight

Level the economic playing field for your community by focusing on the basics: activate your educators who control the future of your workforce, build a connected talent pipeline to elevate the quality of available workers, and support those who are actively creating business and economic vibrancy in your community, entrepreneurs. 

Innovation Hub Playbook

Talent pipeline design

entrepreneur ecosystem building

Check out ways I’ve helped others and see if we are a fit.

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